Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community that fosters connections, celebrates diversity, and nurtures curiosity among queer scientists of all ages. 

Who we are

Queer Science is a volunteer-run Campus Life Program at the University of Minnesota (the U) dedicated to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) outreach for trans and queer youth. Our team of volunqueers come from the U, the local community, and partner organizations. 

Our premier event is Queer Science Day, which brings local high schoolers to the U for a day of hands-on experiments, demos, and community building. Other events include field trips, tabling, and mobile workshops.

Because queer people are historically underrepresented in STEM, we strive to foster a welcoming space where youth can come together with our volunqueer role models to share experiences, explore STEM, and promote lifelong learning.

Our Volunqueers 


Graduate students

Post docs


Professional Scientists

Community Members

Partner Organizations


Accessibility We intentionally design our events to reduce barriers to participation.

Accountability We seek feedback from participants, volunteers, and partner organizations to make our programming ever-better.

Community We strive to curate connections among queer folks in STEM and bring a sense of belonging for all.

Curiosity We aim to fuel scientific exploration in the journey of lifelong learning and uncovering the wonders of the universe.

Generosity We share our knowledge and experiences, listen with empathy and offer support, and donate our time and resources.

Collaboration We prioritize working with community partners to amplify our collective impact and foster a culture of mutual growth and learning.

Inclusion We respect, celebrate, and welcome every member’s unique identity, background, and perspective.